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LED Outdoor Lighting Retrofit and Extension in Huntington, NY

It is a common misconception that in order to improve or expand upon your existing outdoor lighting system, you have to start from scratch. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island, that is certainly not the case. We have many options available for homeowners looking to enhance, extend and enliven their current landscape lighting design. Whether you have recently purchased a home with existing outdoor lighting, a new homeowner starting anew, or a current lighting owner who wants to upgrade their system, we have the answers.

Our most recent project in Huntington, NY, is the perfect example of a client who purchased a home with existing outdoor lighting. We came in and upgraded the existing system to super-efficient LED, and added lighting to areas that needed it, all while building on the elements that the homeowner already had in place.

For this particular project, we were able to extend their existing system to incorporate and complement the home’s second story, adding depth and dimension to its architectural features. We added three fixtures to the gutter line aimed at the home’s peaks. As you will notice in the picture, you don’t see the fixture, only the effect.

Additionally, the homeowner also had existing areas within the landscape which were void of any lighting. We added presence to these areas with lighting, making the landscape and outdoor spaces fully functional in the evening.

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island, we strive to offer the right balance of savings and convenience to our customers looking to upgrade or extend their current outdoor lighting system. Many times it not necessary to discard all the elements of an existing system in order to bring it up to date.

Interested in making the most out of your property after dark? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island at 631.266.6200 or email us at [email protected] to learn how.

We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.

I am ready for outdoor lighting, but, where do I begin?

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island we hear this question all the time. Whether it is a homeowner wanting to upgrade their current outdoor lighting system, or someone in the process of adding an outdoor living space or pool that knows they want lighting added to the mix, sometimes it is challenging to know where to start. Fortunately, we DO know where to start. We have the knowledge and expertise in order to guide you in the right direction along with the right design and timing to ensure your project is a success!

Here is a quick guide to answers of our most frequently asked questions:

Which design is right for me and how do I know which fixtures to choose?

The goal of any architectural and landscape lighting system is to accentuate the property and its architecture, colors and textures. The system’s design is incredibly important to ensure that everything is properly illuminated without dark spots. A trained outdoor lighting designer, like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island, will know just which fixtures to use and where to place them for the perfect final result.

We also use only the highest-quality low-voltage and LED fixtures, ensuring our design continues to look great for years. Our LED outdoor lighting provides a long bulb life, pleasing color, and uses no toxic materials.

At what stage of my landscape or building project should I contact you?

Optimally, we would love to hear from you once you have the blueprints and/or renderings ironed out for your anticipated project. It just makes sense to bring us in at the very early stages so that we can work in tandem with your architect, builder or designer to install wiring and conduit pipe at the beginning planning stages. Coming in early and planning ahead also ensures we can locate transformers and figure out where fixtures need to go so that we can illuminate special features you’d like to include. We have worked with countless local builders, architects and landscape designers, and we can easily integrate our working plans with theirs so that you can see it all come together in one cohesive manner.

Will my outdoor lighting system require follow-up care or maintenance?

Just like heating and cooling systems, irrigation systems and other household systems, outdoor lighting requires proactive maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best. From growing landscaping to wires being disrupted due to lawn and landscape maintenance or inclement weather, normal outdoor activities can impact any lighting system. Professional outdoor lighting companies include maintenance in their service because they take pride in the overall performance of the system. Other types of companies may not understand the importance of proactive maintenance the way we do. That’s why we offer our clients an Annual Maintenance Plan on all of our systems.

Should I make the change to LED?

You may be satisfied with the look your existing system provides, but with all of the positive press today’s LED lights are receiving, they probably have you thinking “I really wish I would’ve chosen a LED system for my outdoor lighting.” Like many other Long Island area homeowners, you may not have chosen to go with LED for your current outdoor lighting system because either it was installed during the period when LED outdoor lighting was not as affordable or its limited color range of a cold sterile blue hue was completely unsatisfying.

No matter what the reason, the extensive advancements in the technology of today’s LED lights may have you thinking now is the right time to consider LED. Even if you are currently utilizing a halogen system, all is not lost. Working with your existing outdoor lighting system to update it to the multitude of benefits of a LED system means not having to start fresh. As a matter of fact, systems 12 years old or newer increase your chances to be a candidate for LED conversion. In some cases we can even retro-fit your existing system to accommodate new LED technology.

Have more questions? Want to learn more? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island at 631.266.6200 or email us at [email protected]. We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.

Our Recent Installation in Melville, NY, Proves the Power of Expert Design

Our recent project in Melville, NY, proves the power of an expert outdoor lighting design. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island, we realize the importance of subtly accentuating the best features of your home and outdoor spaces. Professional outdoor lighting is not about getting the brightest lights or the biggest lighting fixtures. Well-designed, perfectly placed lighting is much more effective than extravagant light displays, and this project is the proof.

When we arrived at this residence for the consultation, the customer had existed masonry outdoor lights. He contacted us to learn about adding lighting to the front and back of his home, and elegantly integrate the existing masonry lighting into this design. During the consultation, we noted the visible color difference in light. We also discussed phasing the endeavor into two phases; one phase for the front of the home and one for the back and outdoor living spaces. With these factors in mind, we worked hard to reconfigure the system in order to gain the benefits of our energy-efficient LED’s along with a reconfiguration using the infrastructure that was already in place. This process included retrofitting the existing masonry lighting to super-efficient LED along with the dual-phased plan for the rest of the property.

During the 1st phase, we added 42 fixtures. During the 2nd we added 39. Not only did the project provide ambiance and beauty to the home and property, it also resulted in a consistent color of light and deliver energy savings well beyond what traditional low voltage could provide. Our high-quality LED’s have a bulb life of 50,000 hours. In addition, our patent-pending technology separates the electronics from the light source, reducing the heat the LED light source is subjected to, thereby extending its already long life.

As you can clearly see from the completed project images, the entire property is beautifully illuminated, but not over-done, and the color of the light is now cohesive and inviting:

If you already own a halogen outdoor lighting system, don’t worry. We can retrofit your current system to LED. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island offers many solutions for retrofitting an existing low – voltage halogen lighting system to LED. Retrofits vary based on the types of fixtures installed, their age and condition. Our professional team will evaluate your current system and provide options tailored to your needs, style and budget to confirm whether your existing system is a candidate for retrofit.

Our lighting designers will work with you to get maximum results from minimal lighting, saving you money and maintenance along the way — proving, as always, less is more!

Want to learn more? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island at 631.266.6200 or email us at [email protected]. We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.

Long Island Outdoor Lighting for Your Warm Weather Getaway

Long Island outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your property while providing safety and security. It also allows you to take advantage of your outdoor spaces after dark and adds value to your home. This is certainly true across the board, whether you are considering adding illumination to a second home or vacation home, lighting is beneficial.

The Long Island area is well-known as a haven for summer homes. Whether you own a second home on Fire Island, Oyster Bay or in East End or the Hamptons, one thing rings true; Long Islanders flock to the distinct waterfront cultures that abound. If you are seeking a way to extend the appeal of those wonderful summer days spent in your summer home, adding outdoor lighting is the ticket!

Here’s why:

  • A well-lit front entrance to your vacation home enables you to greet guests and identify visitors. It will also give your home a warm, welcoming feel while assuring the safety of those who enter.

  • Steps, paths, and driveways can be illuminated to make sure family members and guests are able to move about easily and safely after dark.

  • Outdoor living spaces such as decks, porches, patios and even waterfront docks can be converted into romantic evening retreats through the addition of lighting.

  • Pools and outdoor water features illuminated with pool surround and landscape lighting provide beauty and safety for evening entertaining or swimming — enhancing your holiday time spent with family and friends.

  • Grill areas, outdoor kitchens, dining and serving areas benefit from bright task lighting promoting the ambiance of your own private bistro!

Additionally, through the use of Lighting Control Automation (LCA), we can program your outdoor lighting to turn on and off normally. By mimicking your normal illumination patterns, your summer home will give the appearance that someone is always home. This aids in adding security for your vacation home

Want to learn more? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island at 631.266.6200 or email us at [email protected]. We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.

It's time to start thinking about your outdoor lighting timer

It is almost that time again! Daylight Savings Time (DST) officially begins on Sunday, March 12th. For many Long Islanders, this also means the arrival of setting, configuring and coordinating all your electronic devices to correspond with the change. If you count yourself among the many Long Island area homeowners that have to dig out their timer manuals and attempt to figure out how to compensate for the seasonal change in light by pushing a series of buttons and turning dials you know how much of a hassle it can be.

We Can Help!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island we install a Lighting Control Automation (LCA) timer that eliminates these headaches on all our new systems. With LCA you can set it once and can forget. Banish the problem of having to recall how to set your timer, and keep things simple and easy. Our LCA timers keep everything on track so your family continues to have a properly lit home and landscape that adjusts ITSELF no matter what the time change is, or any differences daylight to dusk. There is no need to waste unnecessary power on outdoor lighting when it’s not needed, which saves you on energy costs too!

Still using a manual timer? No worries…

With our simple to use LCA timers, you can fully control how when your lights come on and go off when you want, or the timer can be set to automatically change based on the available ambient light. You can choose to have either have full control or let the system do all the work.

If you don’t have an LCA timer on your system, don’t worry as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island can install one for you. If you currently have a manual timer on your existing outdoor lighting system, we can switch you over so you get all the benefits.of this newer technology. You can eliminate the pain of having to remember how to reset your manual timer as the days get shorter or longer because our timers simply adjust automatically. The safety and security of your property remain intact because your timer is always doing what it should and no one has to walk or drive onto a dark property. Our LCA timers are so customizable that you can set it any way you want to fit how you live. It always makes your home looked lived in even if no one is home or if you are on vacation. It’s perfect for a second home where the appearance of it being lived-in is critical.

Let us convert you out-of -date manual effortless lighting control automation. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island at (631) 266-6200 or via email at [email protected] to learn more!

The Difference in Long Island Outdoor Lighting is the Design

Have you even driven by one of the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Long Island residences at night and were mesmerized at the beauty of their outdoor lighting? The way it makes all the structural elements of the home pop, the textures and colors within the landscape vibrant, or the way the holiday lighting immediately puts you in a festive mood? If being able to generate these same feelings when others drive by your home at night may seem out of reach Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island wants you to know, it isn’t. We know all the secrets to creating a beautiful outdoor lighting design. And, we can easily make your home as breathtaking to all who pass it at night as the designs that you admire.

Many can offer to install outdoor lighting and put fixtures in the ground, as many can attempt build an addition to a home or handle repairs on a car. However, something as important as enhancing your home, which for most homeowners is their single biggest investment, should not be left to a notice. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island we apply proven outdoor, architectural, and landscape lighting design principles that bring harmony, safety, security and a lot of beauty to your property.

The comprehensive custom planning of your home’s exterior illumination. The artful use of special outdoor lighting techniques and effects. The consistent illumination we achieve through the subtle and well-orchestrated placement of our exceptional outdoor light fixtures delivers professional results that can match every taste, budget and architecture. It all adds up to striking illumination effects that enhance your home and extends the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

We use light to create and define the unique features of your property in various dimensions. To truly create beautiful lighting, we must consider the existing elements as any designer would – light, shadow, perspective, color, line, texture – and transcend them into a unique outdoor lighting design just for you.

As every home is unique, the only true way to envision the warm, rich glow of our illumination effects is with our lighting designer at your residence. As we tour your property together, a mutual sharing of needs and outdoor lighting ideas for beautification, functionality, and safety will help us create the perfect design plan picture just for you. Dennis and Amy Dowling have been providing outdoor lighting designs to Long Islanders for 15 years and we strive to treat each of our clients like they are our one-and-only.

While we’re together, we’ll discuss what you’d like your new lighting to accomplish… what features you’d like to accentuate… and what mood you’d like to set. We’ll then create a comprehensive lightscaping design for all areas of your property. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at 631.266.6200 or email us at [email protected]. We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.

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