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Add a splash of color to any occasion, at any time, with Long Island colored LED outdoor lighting!

How many times have you wished there were color capabilities to your Long Island LED outdoor lighting system? We have good news — The capability is now here! Traditional LED outdoor lighting is grand, however our colored LED outdoor lighting takes it to a whole new level.

This new technology allows you to easily and effortlessly change the color of your LED’s and your freedom of expression on a whim. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island is now offering this capability for use with our LED up lighting and down lighting landscape lighting designs. This technonolgy allows you to use RGB LED controllers via Bluetooth controls right from your smartphone to create unique lighting effects. This means you can customize the color of your lighting any time you want, and just as easily return to traditional clear, at the drop of a hat.

Watch our demonstration in this video from our YouTube channel:

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island is the area’s innovator when it comes to cutting-edge outdoor lighting technologies. We are poised to provide our clients with the highest-quality outdoor lighting and the best design, all while staying above the curve of trending technology.

Just imagine all the limitless possibilities by having the freedom of color!

  • Change your lighting scheme to cheer on your favorite team!
  • Change your lighting to a partiotic hue for Independence Day!
  • Change your lighting to orange or purple for Halloween!
  • Change your lighting to pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness!
  • And, much more!

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