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Our LED Outdoor Lighting Goes Above and Beyond Exceeding Your Expectations!

LED outdoor lighting has become very popular for several reasons. Until recently, LED lights were considered unsuitable for outdoor lighting applications. This is based on the stark white or blue color and lack of directional capabilities making the installations look substandard. Although plenty of older-technology LED lights are still sold today, new, technologically advanced LEDs from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island are available–and they solve all the performance problems of the older model LED lighting.

Our LED’s are Among the Few Changeable on the Market Today

For most LED outdoor light fixtures, once the LED surpasses its useful life, you have to discard the entire fixture and install another. However, Our LEDs are replaceable within our fixtures. If you need to change the LED–or decide you need a broader or narrower light beam–you simply switch the “bulb”, not the entire fixture.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island offers more flexibility when it comes to LED outdoor lighting, too. We now offer colored capabilities to use with our LED up lighting and down lighting landscape lighting. This colored LED outdoor lighting technology allows you to use RGB LED controllers via Bluetooth controls right from your smartphone to create unique lighting effects. This means you can customize the color of your lighting any time you want, and just as easily return to traditional clear, at the drop of a hat.

One of the best reasons to choose Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Long Island’s LED outdoor lighting fixtures is the cost savings and “green” benefits from creating less environmental impact. LEDs are much more energy-efficient, saving you up to 80% on your energy costs and they leave a small carbon footprint on the environment.

If you already own a halogen outdoor lighting system, don’t worry. We can inspect your system to see if it is a candidate to retrofit your current system to LED too!

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Is LED right for you?

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island we strive to offer the right balance of savings and convenience for customers looking to upgrade their current outdoor lighting systems. Many times it not necessary to discard all the elements of an existing system in order to bring it up to date.This is why we offer LED outdoor lighting retrofits and upgrades.

  • Take a look at this recent LED retrofit we completed in The Moorings neighborhood in East Islip, NY:

By updating and replacing specific elements of the system and fixtures themselves we can save you a substantial amount of time and money. This is what we refer to as retrofitting. We can provide many solutions for retrofitting your existing low voltage quartz€ halogen lighting system to LED. Retrofits vary based on the types of fixtures installed. We can evaluate your current system and provide options tailored to your needs, budget and personal sense of style.

If you are still operating an old school halogen system, in many cases we can easily retrofit or upgrade to LED and bring your system up to date. Believe it or not, in the next decade nearly 75% of households will be using LED lighting indoors and out — shouldn’t you be too?

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